My research and teaching

Research areas

Mathematics and statistics anxiety in non-specialist university students; motivation and performance;  perception, memory, attention and learning; communication; impact of students’ attitudes, beliefs on their motivation, perseverance and behaviour; student voice.

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Teaching areas: mathematics, statistics & operational research methods

Not a moment has gone by when I have not felt excited by mathematics and statistics! I am fascinated by various applications of mathematics and statistics  in climate change, medicine, operational research, astrophysics, finance, economics, biology, engineering and several other fields. I participate in events and conferences on various mathematical themes not limited to my teaching area. This keeps my interest in mathematical sciences and statistics fresh which, I believe, also gets transmitted to my students and acts as a strong motivator for them to engage with the subject.

My research interests are  inter-disciplinary but my main interest can be broadly classified as Mathematics/Statistics Education-improving teaching and learning of the subjects, enhancing university students’ learning experience and improving their engagement with the subjects. I think that this can be achieved by working on students’ perceptions and preconceived notions of the subjects which can obstruct their learning and adversely affect their academic efficacy and engagement. Furthermore, I would argue that students are more likely to enjoy engaging with the subjects if they are encouraged to share their questions, before it is too late, by putting them at ease and ensuring that their questions do get appropriately addressed!

Whilst I am deeply fascinated by mathematics in climate change, astrophysics and  medicine, I am staying focused on mathematics education at present.

I lectured at the University of Hertfordshire (UH) where I taught mathematics and statistics to undergraduate students aspiring to read business related subjects. I enjoyed my work at UH where I made my lectures to large groups highly interactive by using a variety of formative assessments which kept my students actively engaged and interested. The only downside was that it made the lecture theatres rather noisy but I am pleased to say that the noise was music to my ears!

I have been teaching in the departments of statistics and management at the LSE since 2006.  Moreover, I taught in the department of mathematics from 2006 to 2011.

I continue to work on enhancing students’ learning experience of the subjects by using teaching and learning approaches aimed at maximising student participation, creating interest and motivating them to not only perceive mathematics positively but to also believe in their own potential to succeed.

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